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questions about police killing kokou christopher fiafonou

1) Why call off the SIRT team when they cornered a man who was described as mentally ill and running around with a knife? Did the man recover from his illness or lose his knife?

2) Did the Police Department repair the home where the confrontation took place? News reports showed windows getting shattered.

3) Why have police officers masquerade as members of the military? Progressive Departments are moving away from this and are embracing Community Based Policing methods.

4) Why trail the man to a convenience store, before confronting him? Doesn't this put community members at risk?

5) Why did only one officer fire his weapon? Did he see something the others didn't?

6)Why does the investigation take so long? Probably for toxicology results but I'd ask anyways.

7) Why no body cams? I'm mean cameras in this age of technology would have been a big help in understanding this unfortunate shooting. I'm not buying the budget difficulties. You can afford military gear and vehicles . . . you can afford body cameras.

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