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People Shooter (Two Points of View) expressed)

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

“I don’t get,” Officer Tracy said shaking her head. “Why … more shootings? Can’t even send kids to a basketball game no more. Used to be unarmed people—men, women and children—were off limits,” Officer Tracy mumbled. McShuster spoke up. “Violence and guns is what it’s about. Shooters on a mission to go viral or something. Be badass and blast their way onto the news. The whole deal. Pictures with names … in the news, ruined parents. You know that? This stuff here tonight was planned for a bad ending. You know. It was like a secret mission. The same as they do in the army. I mean we had code words. We put together target practice. It got serious in short order. I mean homemade targets with names on them of dicks from school. It was funny until it wasn’t. We make the gun deal with our hand and pulled an imaginary trigger with our pointer finger. That meant target practice after school. I mean no harm no crime. Don’t get me wrong here. I ain’t sayin’ guns is right or wrong. I’m just saying—”

“Please shut it!’ Officer Tracy glared at him in the rearview mirror shaking her head.

“I’m going to read you your rights and tape what you have to say. Okay, McShuster?”

Before putting this story together I was a cop for just under thirty years. I sincerely attempted to express that point of view with Officer Tracy. I next researched the Columbine shooting and discussed the incident with a survivor of the shooting. This part of the story has two belief systems colliding. Cops are people and nobody is perfect, thus cops do make mistakes. Believe me. Are innocent people ever arrested? Check out the Innocence Project.

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