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People Shooter (The Beginning)

Updated: Jul 2

“Damn. Never seen you guys coming,” McShuster said.

He tried to twist his torso but couldn’t. The pain knocked the wind out of him. He’d been what one of the cops called “planted” on the sidewalk, and his ears were ringing from the gun blast. He wiggled his fingers handcuffed behind him. They hurt. He imagined they were probably turning purple. His side was numb. “Not sure here. I mean, who’s counting, but I feel like the entire cop nation landed on me out there. Way I got it figured everything worked out good. Could’ve been a whole lot worse, right?”

Officer Tracy was in the driver’s seat. “Did you hear me read you your Miranda Warning? If so, I suggest you remain silent.” She slid her hand down to check the strap on her Glock. “What is this world coming to?” She checked the strap again. A lot of officers develop nervous habits; checking her firearm was hers.

He looked out the window at all kinds of people running to and from the school. It was mayhem. Some were screaming. “Can you do something about my hands? They hurt. I won’t escape on ya. I’ll answer whatever you ask. Just loosen up my cuffs, please. I mean … Why I gotta have these things on in the first place?”

Okay . . . this is the beginning of 'People Shooter'. Sadly enough it may sound all too familiar.

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