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Oh C'mon man!

Kokou Christopher Fiafonou, a Togolese born, living in the United States was innocently shot dead by the police in Austin, Minnesota on the night of December 23, 2021 at 9:30 p.m. on his way out of a gas station called Kwik Trip, after buying some food. He was unarmed

Why would cops allow a man, they referred to as 'mentally disturbed', to enter a store after he was known to carry a large knife? I mean think about the liability. The police did say he had a knife. It wouldn't make sense to shoot him when he is leaving the store. Timing is everything. If they waited fore him to exit the store and then shot him it'd look like an execution. I'm thinking they acted before Kokou entered the store. Big difference here. The police may have been forced to use deadly force to safe guard the public. Day 47 and we wait.

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