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Odds & Sods

My Comment: Supporters are fawning all over The Don in the media. They're pledging to hold their precious DJT shares 'forever'. Remember the adage 'A fool and his money are soon parted?' Perhaps the money would be better spent if ya shipped it off to The Don's lawyers. You'd be getting more bang for your buck and god knows, he could use a lot of help keeping his legal team well fed.

Hector's Comment: What are you talking about? Don Corrupto Tramposo doesn't pay his lawyers either. The grifter clown stiffs every one who works for him.He organized a fundraiser for Giuliani. Have you heard of any money being passed to the bankrupted loyal Trump lawyer?

I figure it's important to include these thoughts that folks take the time to send me. I had no idea Giuliani had a fund raiser, though I was aware of his legal problems. Every dog has its day I guess. The Don has certainly left a path of bankruptcies and hard feelings in his wake. Is his admirer, Mike Lindell next?

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