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Odds & Sods

My Comment: I'll never understand how anyone could support and protest on behalf of those who committed these horrific acts. Let us never forget Shani Louk. Two wrongs do not make a right, but perhaps there is a means to insuring these perpetrators are held accountable and are never again capable of pulling these heinous actions again. Nothing justifies what they did. Nothing.

Akos wrote: Nothing will justify what Israel is doing to women and children now who had nothing to do with October the 7th. Nothing will justify to kill more than 10000 children, wounding much more, destroying hospitals, ampuations on children without pain medications. Nothing will justify that people of Israel blocking basic food, while the army is giving them watermelons and lolipops while people are eating grass ans drinking sea water on the other side. Nothing.

There has never been a good war or bad peace. This is the reason that accountability must be introduced into conflicts. The overriding purpose is to put a end to the actions that led to the suffering. Herein is found the justification.

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