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stunned & seething

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

I wrote them. Many found my stories to be great reads but not plausible. Then the likes of Deputy Paul Urhahu, Derek Chauvin and Travis McMicheal all happened. Not to mention Major Nidal Malik Hasan, Eric Harris and all the other ways of spelling hate. What about a Police Chief and rape as we seen in JusThis? Ask Chief James Alan Christensen of Creston Iowa. Farzana Mohammadi was forced to flee Afghanistan.

Many of these refugees are located in my neck of the woods. It was an honor to be involved with 'Never a Child'. Did I mention false arrests, prosecutorial misconduct and wrongful incarceration. 'Brand of Justice' is a reality. Ask the Innocence Project. Think about all the innocent people marched to death for crimes they never committed! This is not John Sanford badass, do no wrong cops. Arm yourself with information. I invite you to consider my stories. To breath. To consider. To be a part of the solution.

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