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I wrote my first book to highlight problems with authority figures in uniform who succumb to their own desires. Difficult for some to believe but I lived it. I was a cop in a former life and realized early on the bad guys come in uniform occasionally. I mean, you don't see this on CSI. I didn't want to present bang-bang shoot 'em up kinda of novels like you'd find in a C. J. Box or John Sanford novel. I wanted to get down and dirty and explore the reality of the situation. I mean nobody is perfect, cops are somebody, so they ain't perfect. I feel that transparency leads to accountability and both come while having your feet firmly planted on the ground. I did a quick online search and pasted the following list.


These had an interesting story:

1. Gaithersburg, MD Gaithersburg Police Chief John King resigned with little explanation last week, leaving his colleagues and community members wondering what happened.

2. Guttenberg, IA Police Chief Resigns After Seven Months on the Job, no reason

3. Harrisburg, PA - Richard Pickles retires after serving a month as Harrisburg police chief

4. Culpeper, VA When Scott Barlow announced two weeks ago he would step down from his job as chief of police with the town of Culpeper, it caught a lot of people off guard, including us.

5. Carbondale, IL - Police Chief Resigns, no reason given

6. Austin, MN - Several Austin City Council members said they were "shocked" by Austin Police Chief Paul Philipp's resignation Tuesday morning.

7. Jonesboro, GA - The City of Jonesboro’s new police chief has resigned, five weeks after being named to the top job.

8. Manassas, VA - found this quote: "I hope the Chief enjoys his retirement. Between his service in the Secret Service, Fairfax and Manassas, he’s earned it."

9. West Covina, CA - Tolich, a 21-year veteran of the force, retired nine years before he was eligible for full retirement benefits, Finance Director Thomas Bachman said.

In an email Tolich sent to members of the department, he tells fellow officers that a personal matter involving him and his family led to the sudden departure.

These were either benign stories or little info given. (Bearing in mind that a seasoned cop could probably make a pretty believable alibi for leaving.)

10. Oroville, CA

What do you think is going on here? Am I onto something? Full disclosure here . . . I worked for one of these guys and he stepped down because of sexting. Receiving photo's by way of snail mail. That sort of thing. There you go. The source of my creativity.

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