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Fred replied to your comment on "Trump Media & Technology Group Corp. (DJTWW) Stock Forum & Discussion - Yahoo Finance"

My Comment: This 'investment' hung around $17 a share. Then Mr. Trump arrives and sues the Truth Social folks because he feels they aren't entitled to any monetary awards. That lawsuit should drive this thing down to around $4. We're revisiting the Dutch Tulip Craze all over again. Mr. Trumps response? He claims this stock is 'hotter than a pistol'. Looks like pistol's can get cold if dropped in ice water.

Fred's Comment: I think Trump is suing other founders because he doesn’t want anyone else selling when he is selling after lockup expires.

I somewhat agree. By that I mean shorting a stock like this is 'easy' money. Anything is possible. I see a story now being released involves money and a Putin supporter. I posted that concern last week.

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