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blowen away

Being led into the aftermath of the Columbine Massacre by someone who was a potential target has been eye opening. We forget don't we? I mean after the reporters pack up and go away to the next Massacre the pain and suffering continues. My current story is as follows. You're invited to let me know what you think. Change is about 'WE' and not 'Me'.

“You really got to think it over because it’s what it is and you can’t take it back. I mean what’s right for me might not be right for you. It isn’t like we talking about picking the best college to attend after graduation. No ma’am. This is playing for keeps.” He tried to twist his torso but couldn’t. He’d been what one of the cops called planted on the sidewalk and his ears were ringing from the gun shot. He wiggled his fingers that were handcuffed behind his back. They hurt. He imagined they were probably turning purple. His side hurt worse though.

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