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Decorated Police Officer to Awarded Author


I worked with an amazing group at The FBI National 
Academy, and as such, explored the dark side of humanity. It's all in my stories. The Good . . . The Bad and The Unbelievably Bad. My fiction is steeped in reality. Guaranteed!

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My Story


     In a prior life I pursued bad ladies and men who were no gentlemen. I wrote 'JusThis' before Derek Chauvin ended George Floyds life. 'Brand of Justice' runs hand-in-hand with the Innocence Project. My stories and audio books are intended to leave you wiser for your effort. To open you eyes to the reality of false arrests, improper prosecutions and wrongful incarcerations. My short stories focus on Bullying-Gay Bashing-PTSD-Racism . . . oh . . . and women being marginalized and raped. Any and all are invited to 'our blog' by clicking on the button below. Your opinions are important and respected. You matter.


     Unlike Lucas Davenport, I am real and my stories resonate the truth. I've received the Ink & Insights Master Award in Amarillo, Texas. The Soul-Making Keats Literary Competition Award, as well as The Ethel Rohan Novel Category in San Francisco, Ca. I am represented by The Barone Literary Agency.



"I am forever haunted by Adam Lanza & Salvador Ramos."

Curt Rude

"Never let the bastards get you down!"

Moira Rose

Press/Social Media/Gallery
  Press/Social Media/Gallery

'Lee Bonorden - Austin Daily Herald Columnist'
"Curt Rude … Take one dose of his prose. After 4 hours, call a friend and tell  ‘em, you can’t put his current book down."

Ethel Rohan, author of ‘Out of Dublin’ praised Mr. Rude's writing as such . . . "His writing will provide a terrific look into what is an entirely different culture. Unthinkable issues such as children being prohibited from accepting balls from soldiers, because of the possibility of a listening device, provided a gut punch."

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